Monday, April 27, 2009

Day Two

9:30 a.m. - So I got like 11 hours of sleep last night and I'm still tired. Damn you caffeine!!! Which also makes me a little short on patience. Not a good time for a new computer system to be installed or for whiny/bitchy people that I don't know to call me at work. Whiny/bitchy people that I know have an open invitation. I had some "radiance juice" for breakfast. (I wonder if I'm glowing?) So far, so good. Not really hungry, haven't even had a cigarette yet today. (That's not going to last, just typing the word makes me want one.) I do have a little bit of headache. Not sure if that's from the lack of caffeine or the brief I'm working on......oh and I was right, I did pee out 2 lbs of water weight yesterday, which meant I could get my rings on this morning. Whoo Hoo!! And for the record, yesterday I ate 3 bananas, an entire cumcumber, half a cantelope and a plethera of strawberries. My stomach is still confused.......

10:33 a.m. - Jenn woke up feeling really good at 6:45 this morning which is definitely an usual occurrence as let's just say that I am not a "morning person" rather than labeling me with any sort of name-calling. I've had pretty good energy and (until I allowed myself to blog) I have been very productive at work. I'm not feeling hungry and I am drinking my radiance juice as well. I am worried about my energy level this afternoon but I remain hopeful. I am actually proud of myself for sticking to the program...especially because I keep remembering that the ease in/ease out days are *optional*. However, the program works best if you do it as designed so I'm sticking to all options. Yesterday I ate one apple, an entire cantelope, about a cup of strawberries, one pear, one red bell pepper and a cup of V8 (100% vegetable) juice. I'm still not sure that using V8 juice is kosher but I've decided that I don't care.

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