Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day Three Revisitied

Yesterday, I did not portion out my juice in a way that makes any type of sense because I was not on my regular schedule. I didn't work and had several meeting, including a mind numbing strategic planning session. By the time I got home in the late evening I was shaky, tearful and totally exhausted....but I drank my juice and felt much better so I blame hypoglycemia (that's low blood sugar for all you non-medical folks). It was definitely the hardest day yet so I am hoping for the best today as we move into stage two - The Lemonade Diet. We mixed up the freshly juiced lemons and that effing 100% pure maple syrup last night and it tastes just like good old fashioned lemonade. I was just so pleasantly surprised by my sampling last night. Of course, before we drink each portion we do have to add a small amount of cayenne pepper so this could certainly eff the whole up. Wish me luck. I"ll post more later this evening for your enjoyment on Day Four. Smooches!

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