Friday, April 24, 2009


Deana says: I confess I think I may have become possessed by a 12 yr old boy. First there was the whole "Blew Enterprises" with the building on the property housed the Alliance Head Start, all happening in Box Butte County thing, which I've decided must send its graduates to Morehead State. Then there's the giggling every time some sports announcer says "Ball screen", "ball handling" or "Harry Marshall" (that just sounds dirty). Two days ago I saw a headline in the OWH that read "Bo loves Husker Stable in Backfield" and I had to check with the Judge to see if she thought that sounded dirty. (She did.) I just can't figure out how and when I became possessed by one of those kids on the Disney Channel. I don't even watch it that much.......

Jenn adds: And when did I become so desensitized? I mean, I've always had a pretty dark sense of humor. I'm sarcastic, mocking, sometimes caustic but usually hilarious. And I'm extremely fair about it all - I make fun of everything, especially myself. But last night I went to *Family Night* at my godson's pre-school, so the place was chock full of children...all kinds of children as would be implied by *Family Night*. So when I see an innocent, beautiful and happy pre-schooler who just happens to have Down's Syndrome, do I celebrate the diversity? No, no I start giggling because I am immature and immediately think of all the retard jokes in my repertoire. Even better - when I tell Deana why I am giggling, does she scold me or challenge me to rise above my base nature? Nope, she starts giggling too.

Deana adds: I just came back from running an errand downtown and had to drive past a local 'gentleman's club'. I noticed on the sign that their happy hour starts at noon. I confess that I'm now wondering if those prices are for drinks or the dances? Anyone?

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