Monday, April 27, 2009

Day Two, Part Two - Anorexia and Attack of the Killer Oranges

So I made it through the rest of the day but I really lost steam in the afternoon...and I was crazy hungry. I guess that's just a side effect of not eating so maybe I'll get used to it. I was totally sitting on my couch this afternoon dreaming of food like this: muffins, donuts and bread, oh my! I could actually taste the flaky goodness of a buttery croissant. So to distract myself, I employed a time-honored emergency technique that I learned from my anorexic friend - I watched the Food Network and cooked for someone else. And it did work for a little while...just the visual stimulation from the food on tv and the aroma of the (re-heated) dinner that I made for Grand Master B distracted me from the hunger pangs, although you would think that a 16 year could make his own stinkin' leftovers.

Later, Deana and her kids came over so we could juice tomorrow's supply. Day Three consists of drinking 2 liters of fresh orange juice - not frozen, not from concentrate and not inexpensive unless you buy whole oranges in bulk and juice them yourself...which is what we did. But holy buckets, it was quite a chore. I thought juicing all the damn lemons was going to be the hard part but no, no, no it was the killer oranges. Apparently, the rinds of oranges contain an oil that makes the juice bitter (so do grapefruits and tangerines if you're interested) so you have to peel every one of them before they can go into the juicer. Not such a big deal, right? WRONG!!! To extract enough juice for Deana and I to meet tomorrow's quota we had to peel and juice 48 flipping oranges. I was operating the juicer and cleaning it out after every 6-8 oranges due to the copious amounts of pulp produced so poor Deana had to peel nearly all of those 48 oranges herself. We looked upon it as exercise given that juicing the oranges expended more calories than we had consumed in the whole day...and we weren't even dizzy.

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