Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day One-

9:00 a.m. - Ok, strawberries and bananas for breakfast, I can handle that. Water instead of diet coke? I can do anything for 11 days. The last time I gave up caffeine and alcohol for this long, I ended up with a new born. Ok, maybe the alcohol was what got me the new born, but I digress.....Thank God, the MC (What a clever moniker! Love, Jenn) said nothing about cigarettes. Just for fun, I think I'll wear my Miller Lite hat to the office.

10:05 a.m. - This no caffeine thing is going to suck. I wonder if 'no-doze' is allowed? Must check with Jenn. I've only been awake for an hour and a half and I already need a nap.....

12:11a.m. - Jenn says 'no-doze' is most certainly not allowed as it is comprised entirely of CAFFEINE. Next time you're wondering about which type of drugs are allowed on the MC, I suggest you check out the list of ingredients first. And before you even ask, let's just go ahead and outlaw any type of drug that doesn't come pre-packaged with a listing of ingredients. Remember, we're on the road to self-improvement.

12:24 - Deana says I didn't realize that the MC was the 'no fun' diet. Ok, maybe I did, I just was hoping I was wrong. I'm about to eat some cantelope and crack open my third bottle of water. I've also visited the bathroom 4 times since I began posting this morning. That's GOT to be at least a couple of pounds of water weight.....

8:21p.m. - Jenn is totally loving the Juiceman! Oh my goodness, did we get a lot done this evening in preparation for tomorrow. We each have 3 'to go' containers of different juices for tomorrow, plus our 1 liter bottles of filtered water. I am amazed at how wonderful and yummy fresh juice tastes. We took one tiny shortcut and are using low-sodium V8 on the all-juice day two. The bottle says '100% vegetable juice' and that's good enough for us. So we each have one bottle of V8, one bottle of Radiance Juice (check out the recipe here) and one bottle of a different experimental mixed juice. My mixture has mango/cucumber/apple/carrot/orange and Deana's mix has celery/apple/pear/strawberry/raisin. You might be surprised but both are actually pretty tasty...of, course all we've eaten today is produce so take any advice from us with a grain of salt. I am proud to have made it through Day One. My husband was sitting next to me an hour ago eating chicken stir-fry (that smelled like heaven, let me tell you) and I was tempted for a bite. But otherwise today went really well. I'm a little hungry but not ravenous and no more bitchy than usual. So far, so good.

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