Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day Five

Well, eventually the "salt cleanse" did work for me as well, though not as spectacularly as it did for Jenn. Hmm, does that mean one of us is more full of something then the other? I wonder..... The lemonade concoction does work wonders on the appetite and I agree Day Four was soooooo much better then Day Three. I suspect that finishing my appellate brief and getting my cubicle packed and moved into my new office helped. Although I am 'homeless' so to speak until Monday, but that's ok. Right now I am working on somebodyelse's computer and I fully intend on finding a picture of a kitty or John Tesh or something and changing his screen saver......I am also happy to report that I have kicked my caffeine habit and was not tired at all when I got up this morning! Although I did let my self sleep until 8 to celebrate finishing my brief. Ah, I long for the days when celebrating something like that involved alcohol. One more week!

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