Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day Three

8:30 a.m.- As I sit at my desk drinking my o.j., I just learned that the ease in/ease out days of this great adventure were optional. I wonder what else Jenn hasn't told me??? Did I peel all of those oranges for nothing?? Would Minute Maid been sufficient? Hmmm. I must investigate this....... Any hoo, woke up feeling pretty good. Lost a couple of more pounds (And yes I too know this is only water weight, but maybe, just maybe I have 20 lbs of water in my body. It could happen.) I stuck to my juices and water yesterday and only smoked a half a pack of cigarettes, which I think is pretty good considering I still have to prepare meals for Mister Sam and Princess Izzy. I don't think that brown rice has ever looked so good! I think I wore myself out getting ready for work as I had a huge rush of 'tired' as I drove in, but the o.j. seems to be helping with that. I think all the work on the computer this morning will not. However, that will not be as bad as the stupid luncheon I have been told I must attend this afternoon. I'm trying to think of excuses to give as to why I'm not eating. So far I've come up with "Sorry, I've had a revelation and I'm only eating Kosher from now on" or "I'm on a hunger strike in support of that journalist in Iran" or "Oh my God, I'm allergic to EVERYTHING that's being served", each to be followed with "that's ok, I'll just drink my juice". I guess I could go with the truth (but how fun is that??). Perhaps if I described the MC in enough detail, nobody at my table would want to eat!

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