Tuesday, July 7, 2009

White Trash Wine Tasting

As Jenn previously mentioned, at our dear friend's fabulous 'White Trash Bash', she and I designed our own 'White Trash Wine Dinner' loosely modeled after the fabulous wine dinners that Jenn's husband hosts every month at the restaurant that he manages. It was, I dare say, a smashing success, due in part to the influence of Little Jim, whom I'm sure you will recognize from previous posts. (As an aside, my photography skills have recently been called into question. I can assure you that it is totally my crappy camera not 'pilot error' as somebody so eloquently put it and when I say eloquently, I mean 'smart ass'; and I had the same amount to drink when I took them as everyone else did, your honor.) That being said, on with the show...

First course- Spray cheese from a can, American, it was the 4th of July, after all, served on Chicken in a Biscuit crackers paired with Bartel's and James Fuzzy Navel wine coolers for that flashback to high school.

Second course- Iceberg lettuce with your choice of Ranch or the local favorite, Dorothy Lynch dressing and a slice of wonder bread. Just like Grandma used to make. This was paired with a lovely Boones Farm Strawberry Hill, which really played off the iceberg lettuce nicely. No forks, by the way, this is a white trash wine dinner.

Third course-Campbell's condensed bean with bacon soup paired with a Wild Vine Strawberry White Zinfandel. For this course the soup was served in the Dixie cups, instead of the wine and each diner took a shot of the wine straight out of the bottle. Again, just like Grandma's house.

Fourth course- For our main course we chose a lovely Banquet zesty meat meal paired with Franzia chilled red wine from a box. Don't ask me what kind of meat it was, all the package said was 'meat'. I think it is better not to know.

Fifth course- For dessert we paired a lovely Mad Dog 20 20, 'Purple Rain' with an assortment of wafer cookies, again just like at Grandma's house. Hmm. I am sensing a theme that I think we may have missed........

The wine 'dinner' was a smashing success and to celebrate, Little Jim decided to get smashed himself and immediately dived headfirst into a mason jar full of Budweiser. I am sad to report that this was indeed his down fall, as later in the evening he took a nose dive out of the pocket of my housecoat where I thought he had passed out, and decapitated himself. Luckily there were a couple of doctors at the party, albeit Juris Doctors, but they really know their away around tub and tile caulk and toothpicks, and miraculously they put Little Jim back together again. Sans one teeny tiny hole in his head that could not be salvaged. But hey, now he's more like his namesake. If anyone would like any of our recipes, just shoot me an email. I'll be happy to direct to the sections of the grocery store where I purchased each course........

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