Saturday, July 11, 2009

My children don't appreciate me

So, it's Friday night. I've taken the kids to Blockbuster, got them a couple of movies. We had dinner watched their silly movies, I took a little nap during the Barbie one, they went downstairs to re-enact something they've just watched, I got to watch this week's episode of 'Rescue Me' that I missed on Tuesday (yeah firemen!) and I think, hey let's sing a little on-demand, Karaoke, like you do. I turn it on, discover a plethora of 'Supremes' music and decide to give my children they're first lesson on being a 'supreme'. This is how it goes. Princess Izzy, with her pink microphone in hand screams at me to stop singing because she wants to 'sing by herself' like she's Celine Dion or something. She doesn't even know the words. Mister Sam doesn't pay attention at all. He used to love this. Now he is too busy doing some sort of 5 yr old modified Akihito roll off of the love sack which he ends by trying to impale our couch with a piece of train track because he's watched 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' one too many times this week. Are they impressed with the dance moves I'm trying to teach them? No. Are they impressed that their mother knows every single word of these songs by heart and doesn't even have to look at the screen? No. Ok, I'll give them that one, they can't read, they have no idea. Do they have any idea of the magnitude of the gift I am so desperately trying to give them? No. I don't even know why I try.....

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