Monday, June 22, 2009

Photoshop Fun

I've been taking an online photo editing class through Jessica Sprague's website. She is a scrapbook diva, especially anything digital. The basic photo editing class was wonderful and taught me alot about Photoshop. Now she is offering a free class on adding masks, brushes, frames and blending. The class starts July 6th but I read an online tutorial this evening about masks. I learned how to use a mask in Photoshop Elements tonight and I used this fabulous picture of Deana and I to learn the technique. I really like the final product. Let me know what you think.

Deana says: Well, I guess now I no longer blog in anonymity! No autographs, please...... ;o)

Jenn says: You told me it was okay to use "real" pictures of us and the kids after the summer wine blogging session...maybe all the wine interfered with your memory.

Deana says: You say that like you don't know how I get after a couple of bottles, I mean glasses, of wine...

Jenn says: No, I know how you get. I'm pretty sure it is exactly how I get.

Deana says: I can neither confirm nor deny to any degree of certainty as we usually drink together and well, you know how I get..... And now, we have come full circle....

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