Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crazy Good Self-Portrait

A few weeks ago I was messing around with my camera and ended up doing a mini self-portrait session. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I rarely like photographs of myself - let alone those that I have taken myself. But I actually got a couple of cool and interesting shots. I wasn't attempting a 'pretty picture' (I can already hear Deana's sarcastic "Thank God") but I was working on snapping a balanced and visually interesting photo. This is one of my favorites. I like the composition, how my figure is centered in the mirror and how the mirror is centered in the room. But the photo 'as is' was a bit too severe, too many sharp lines so once again I found my saving grace via Photoshop. I used some digital brushes (courtesy of House of 3) to soften things up. First I used the Inked Edges brushes along the edges. Then I used a central decorative tag (aptly named French Ooh La La) on an overlay layer to add visual interest. It's one of my most successful adventures yet which is darn exciting.

Deana says: I believe I'm going to have to start calling you Annie Leibovitz soon..... ;o)

Jenn says: That's an incredible compliment - especially as you know I harbor a secret obsession with all things Jewish and kinda want to convert.

Deana says: I had an obsession with middle-aged Jewish men in my early twenties. I'm not sure what that was all about. But then again, I did a lot of things in my twenties that I now question.....

Jenn says: Didn't we all? I shudder to remember some of those exploits.

Deana says: Or outfits. Or boyfriends. Or guys we picked up in bars......or camp grounds......Hey, did I ever tell you about the blind date I went on with the guy who insisted on calling his car the 'bat mobile'? I think I was 19 and I know I can thank my high school friend for that one.....

Jenn says: Was he in the band, too?

Deana says: Ha ha. No.

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