Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ode to Jim

I just want to post a quick shout out to my wonderful husband Jim (yes, now is the point at which Deana starts gagging but it must be done nevertheless). My asthma has been kicking my ass this whole week and he's gone above and beyond taking care of Grand Master B, the house and me. He spent the entire afternoon finishing laundry while I slugged on the couch and wheezed. He's really fabulous to this whole family and I'm not sure that I tell him often enough how much I love and appreciate him.

So this is my homage to the man. I absolutely love this picture of us. In September 2007, we traveled to the East Coast, taking in a Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston and then spending time with Jim's family in New York. We spent a fantastic day seeing the sights in NYC (I particularly loved Central Park). Then we took a sunset cruise around the island of Manhattan. The guy across the boat was kind enough to snap a photo for us which is pretty lucky because Jim proposed about 10 seconds after this pic was taken. Totally spur of the moment, totally romantic and totally perfect. Here's to you Jimbo - I love you.

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