Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saying Goodbye To The Master Cleanse

My Day Six was about as enjoyable as Deana's but for the exact opposite reason. We have both learned that we have exaggerated responses to the "Shit Ass" Salt Wash - Deana holds onto the salt and I can't stop letting the salt go. After conferencing yesterday afternoon, we decided to end the MC experiment. We started this process as a motivator for weight loss and (of course) self-improvement. And when the process starts making you sick, causes you to contemplate suicide or results in massive body bloat, it is time to stop. In review, we both did actually lose weight and we both really liked some aspects of juicing (radiance juice). I will probably incorporate this juice as an option for breakfast in my weight loss action plan.

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  1. I had a diet coke as soon as I got off the phone and it was the BEST diet coke I've ever tasted......