Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Special Edition Life Coaching: Dream On

I have this recurring dream, well not so much a go-to-sleep-and-fantasize dream but more like a get-distracted-and-lose-focus-when-you're-supposed-to-be-working dream. And my dream is this: I am someone else, rather I am me but in another dimension. And frankly in this life, I am fabulous. I must have an inner desire for inordinate success or crave recognition because I can spend significant amounts of my workday imagining how different, how wonderful my life would be if only I were cuter/better/richer/popular/ skinnier/substitute your own adjective here. It's not so much that I really desire to *be* someone else. It's that I desire life to be different, to be easier, to be more satisfying, to require less effort, to offer own private "Calgon - take me away" montage. And I am not alone. If my girlfriends and I are representative of our age group, there are a whole lotta thirty-something mommies needing a small reprieve. So know this:

It's ok to dream.

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